Mark Lexton

Each piece will take you from the barn to dinner and everywhere in between. We hope that the quality and attention to detail will enable you to enjoy the pieces now and for generations to come.

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Mark Lexton

Lex grew up in the jewelry business. He graduated from Bowman’s Jewelry and Watch repair school in 1987. He worked with his family after school and in the last few years, he purchased the family store, Jones–Smith Jewelers, with his sister.

Lex & Lisa Lexton

Our story begins with a third-generation jeweler marrying a woman passionate about her horses.

In order to entice me to wear jewelry, Lex decided to custom design a piece that would appeal to my love of horses. After studying one of my equestrian catalogues, he carved a saddle that he cast in gold. He created a beautiful dressage pin, (I rode hunters!), that I fell in love with. That pin started it all.

Lex continued to give me pieces on special occasions. I loved them and wore them. As more and more people inquired as to where I had purchased a particular piece, the concept of an equestrian jewelry company began to form. We started by setting up at a few local shows and the response was wonderful. Mark Lexton was official.