Jewelry Care

When caring for fine jewelry, it is best to have a professional inspect, clean, and polish your jewelry every six months. At Modern Jewelers our professional, experienced staff is highly qualified to give your special pieces the attention and quality care they need.

Jewelry Care Tips

For home jewelry cleaning, we suggest regular cleanings with a polish cloth or with warm water, mild soap, and a cloth or soft brush. After cleaning, be sure to thoroughly dry your pieces with a soft cloth. At home, you can also use UltraSonic machines or bottled jewelry cleaners.

Keeping Your Jewelry In Excellent Condition

Remove all jewelry before applying makeup, lotions, and perfumes and before bathing or washing dishes. These products can leave residues on your jewelry, giving it a cloudy, discolored, and dull appearance. Keep all jewelry away from harsh chemicals, such as bleach and chlorine. These harsh chemicals are especially harmful to your precious metal jewelry and can permanently harm or damage by discoloring your jewelry. Remove all jewelry before physical activity and physical labor. The metal can become twisted and scratched, and stones can be damaged or lost. Store your pieces in a clean, dry place like a jewelry box or a fabric-lined box. If you choose to store your pieces in a hard-surfaced box, individually wrap the pieces in soft tissue paper. Inspect your precious metal jewelry regularly for damage or loosening and have it professionally repaired if the need arises. Even if you do not detect damage or loosening, have a professional jeweler inspect metal jewelry to make sure prongs and bezels remain intact. When caring for gemstones, extra precaution should be taken. Some gemstones cannot be exposed to any type of heat or other cleaning chemicals. Consult with us before cleaning your gemstones at home.

Caring For Your Pearls

Cultured pearls are relatively soft compared to other gemstones and precious metals. It is important to take special care of your pearls to ensure they will remain bright and beautiful for years to come. When storing your pearls, keep them separate from hard jewelry items, such as metals and other gemstones, to prevent them from scratching your pearls. We recommend storing your pearls in a soft cloth pouch or separate from other jewelry pieces in your jewelry box. To clean your pearls at home, you can use a polishing cloth, warm water, and a soft-bristled brush. Restringing is recommended every one to two years, depending on frequency of wear.

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